Committee details

Purpose of committee

The Licensing Committee (and its sub committees) deals with the Council’s licensing functions :-


·        Licensing Committee which is responsible for licensing and registration functions under the Licensing Act 2003, Gambling Act 2005 and external health and safety at work functions

·        Regulatory Sub-Committee which will conduct hearings and make determinations in respect of the Council’s regulatory licensing functions including taxi private hire and hackney carriage licensing, street trading and classification of films

·        Licensing Sub-Committee which will conduct hearings and make determinations in respect of the Council’s statutory licensing functions under the Licensing Act 2003 and the Gambling Act 2005.


There will be no public speaking at the Licensing Committee unless the Chairman using their discretion considers it appropriate to allow public speaking on certain items on the Agenda for example regarding the adoption of draft Policies.


Sub-Committee hearings usually take the form of a discussion between the Sub-Committee and the various parties present. There will be no public speaking but relevant parties will be able to speak depending on the type of application and if they have made representations. For further information please refer to the Licensing page which will provide guidance on hearings and inform you about how to make representations. Any queries on these hearings should be addressed to the Council’s Licensing Officer.


Please note that if you make representations, your name and the contents of the submission will be recorded on the Council’s website. The Licensing Act requires local authorities to provide to the applicant copies of all representations/objections made in relation to an application. In some exceptional circumstances which justify your personal details being withheld from the applicant please advise the Council Licensing Officer of this at the time of making your representations. Anonymous representations will be disregarded. Meetings will be open to the public unless it is in the public interest to hold the Hearing in private.


Contact information

Support officer: Elly Cook.

Phone: 01895 837319