Committee details

Purpose of committee

The remit of the Health and Wellbeing Board is to find ways of improving the health of the local population and reduce inequalities in health. It brings together Cabinet Members, local GPs, senior managers in the local authority and NHS, and a representative of local people through Healthwatch to improve the health and wellbeing of all people in the Buckinghamshire Council area.


·        Terms of Reference

·        Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2021-24

·        Health and Wellbeing Board Annual Report 2020



  • Councillor Anita Cranmer   
  • Councillor Carl Jackson   
  • Councillor Angela Macpherson   
  • Dr Raj Bajwa   
  • Dr Jane O'Grady   
  • Gill Quinton   
  • Jenny Baker OBE   
  • Neil Macdonald   
  • Robert Majilton   
  • Richard Nash   
  • Dr Sian Roberts   
  • Dr Juliet Sutton   
  • David Williams   
  • Dr Karen West   
  • Martin Gallagher   
  • Katie Higginson   
  • Dr James Kent   
  • Sally Taylor  (Secretary) 
  • Debbie Richards   

Contact information

Support officer: Sally Taylor.

Phone: 01296 531024