Committee details

Purpose of committee

The main role of the LAF is to give advice to local authorities and Natural England on securing increased access to the countryside for open-air recreation within the framework of the Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000.


The Forum has a positive role to play in assisting with provision of new access opportunities and commenting on issues of particular local relevance, such as:


·        Supporting and advising on the implementation of the right to Open Access Land (mountain, moor, heath, down and registered common land) at a local level, especially with regard to identifying the boundaries of open access land.

·        Considering applications for restrictions or closures of access for land management or conservation purposes.

·        Assisting with improving and developing the existing rights of way network.

·       Advising on the development of Buckinghamshire’s recreation and access plans and strategies, including the Buckinghamshire Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2020-2030.


  • Christina Beevers  (Secretary) 
  • David Briggs   
  • Gavin Casperz   
  • Andrew Clark   
  • John Elfes   
  • Neil Harris   
  • Alison Heath   
  • Chris Hurworth   
  • Richard Jennings   
  • Alan Lambourne   
  • Councillor Nick Naylor   
  • Glynn Thomas   
  • Councillor Alan Turner   
  • Brian Worrell   

Contact information

Support officer: Christina Beevers.

Phone: 01296 382938