Issue - decisions

21/04/2020 - Household Recycling Centre (HRC) Service - Procurement Project

The HRC Service is not only business critical but a legal duty to undertake. This

report seeks to ensure the Council makes decisions enabling the continuity of that

duty. An options appraisal has been undertaken and considered a high level

assessment of the benefits/risks associated with providing the HRC service,

including betterment and policy changes, as a result an outsourced contract with a

third party provider compared to an in-house service is the recommended option.




1. To agree to proceed with Option C and to carry out a procurement process for the

provision of a Household Recycling Centre service.

2. That authority be delegated to the Service Director for Neighbourhood Services,

following consultation with the Cabinet Member for Environment, to take all

necessary actions to agree the procurement strategy for the future Household

Recycling Centre Service contract.