Issue - decisions

16/06/2020 - Aylesbury Garden Town - Governance & Masterplan

Over recent months and in the lead up to the creation of Buckinghamshire Council, the Aylesbury Garden Town (AGT) Delivery Board has been reviewing the overall governance and delivery structures for the Aylesbury Garden Town project. This review is timely, given the progress being made with the AGT Masterplan and a focus on its delivery going forward. In January this year, the AGT Delivery Board endorsed a draft governance structure and approach for recommendation to the new Buckinghamshire Council for approval and subsequent implementation. 


It was agreed that an amendment be made to the text on page 13 of the Executive Summary.  The ambition should read “Aylesbury will be a prime location for investment and job creation in Buckinghamshire” rather than “the location”.


It was also agreed that the relevant cabinet members and officers would be invited to the board meetings as appropriate.


RESOLVED:   Subject to the agreed amendment and undertaking above, Cabinet APPROVED:


The proposed structure and composition of the Strategic Oversight Board and Programme Delivery Team for AGT as set out in the report and in the proposed Terms of Reference at Appendix 1.


The Masterplan and 2050 Vision for Aylesbury Garden Town to Council.