Issue - decisions

16/02/2021 - Overview of Aylesbury Vale Estates and draft business plan 2021-2024

The Cabinet received a report which provided an overview of how the joint venture Aylesbury Vale Estates (AVE), which was 50% owned by the Council, operates. It also summarised how AVE was performing against the current business plan and presented the draft business plan for 2021-2024 and the strategy for delivery. The Cabinet was invited to provide comments on the future business plan for consideration by the AVE Board.   It was noted that if the Board felt unable to make any changes required to the plan as a result of the feedback, this would be reported back to the Council.



i)                    That the performance of Aylesbury Vale Estates against the Strategy and Action Plan for 2020-21 be noted; and

ii)                  That the Strategy and Action Plan in the draft Business Plan for 2021-24 be agreed.