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We the undersigned petition the council to request the relevant Select Committee to robustly question Thames Water and other relevant Water Utility companies servicing Buckinghamshire residents as to why there is a requirement to release untreated sewage into our streams and rivers. Select Committee should focus on the amount of discharge in local waterways and the proposed investment in improvements to infrastructure. Buckinghamshire residents urge the Council to condemn the discharging of raw sewage into our waterways, and call upon all stakeholders to work together to end this environmentally destructive practice which also damages public health.

Discharge of sewage into our rivers and coastal out flows has become a growing program due to chronic under investment by the private companies who are responsible for maintaining our waste systems.
Indeed the privatised companies have paid dividends to extract huge profits while neglecting the infrastructure. £57bn since 1991.
In 2020, sewage was released into the Chess on at least 36 days. This included every day between the 28th February and the 19th March. We are disappointed that the Environment Agency recorded these 20 releases as one single pollution event, statistically minimising the severity of this environmentally damaging act.

When people swim, bathe or participate in activities in and around sewage contaminated water there are significant risks to public health such as gastroenteritis, ear, nose and throat infections, skin infections, and even hepatitis and e-coli.
The people of Buckinghamshire are understandably angry about the lack of action against private water companies discharging sewage into waterways and are furious that authorities locally and nationally are not taking enforcement action during a time of growing environmental and public health awareness across the county and the UK at large,


This ePetition runs from 16/11/2021 to 14/12/2021.

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