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We the undersigned petition the council to Remove the extremely narrow bollards at Marlow bridge

The current bollards are meant to restrict overweight lorries but, at just over 2 metres wide, they are actually restricting family cars.

Hundreds of motorists have now damaged not only their wheels but the bodywork of their vehicles. Apart from costing the public vast amounts of money, these restrictions may / will also cause other issues:

- Traffic congestion north and south of the bridge.
- Excessive car parking on the south side of the river.
- Slower economic recovery of Marlow High Street post Covid-19 - visitors are discouraged from travelling into Marlow from areas to the south.
- Increase in road traffic accidents along Little Marlow Road.
- Increase in air pollution along Little Marlow Road as the re-routing of road traffic via the A404/A4155 junction will lead to more road traffic in areas where the Council has declared an Air Quality Management Area*.
- Increase in Carbon emissions from extra distances travelled by re-routed road traffic.
- Bisham, the Cookhams and Bourne End - Wider implications for traffic congestion.

This ePetition runs from 11/01/2022 to 08/02/2022.

225 people have signed this ePetition.