Election results for Downley

Downley - results
Election Candidate Party Votes Outcome
Paul Richard Turner Conservative 1602 Elected
Maz Hussain Conservative 1520 Elected
Melanie Ruth Smith Labour Party 1390 Elected
Khalil Ahmed Labour Party 1362 Not elected
Duncan Rayner Smith Conservative 1283 Not elected
Trevor Snaith Labour Party 1127 Not elected
Matthew Stuart Brown Liberal Democrats 250 Not elected
Alison May Harmsworth Liberal Democrats 226 Not elected
Victoria Reid Wycombe Independent 190 Not elected
Tony Mealing Wycombe Independent 149 Not elected
Gerald Harmsworth Liberal Democrats 141 Not elected
Mohammad Fogir Uddin Wycombe Independent 99 Not elected
Adrian John Oliver Freedom Alliance - Integrity, Society, Economy 97 Not elected
Marcin Blaszczyk Freedom Alliance - Integrity, Society, Economy 79 Not elected
Vijay Singh Srao UKIP 58 Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 3
Total votes 9573
Electorate 8648
Number of ballot papers issued 3454
Number of ballot papers rejected 19
Turnout 40%
Rejected ballot papers
Total rejected19