Election results for Farnham Common & Burnham Beeches

Farnham Common & Burnham Beeches - results
Election Candidate Party Votes
David Gwilym Anthony Conservative 1421 Elected
Dev Dhillon Conservative 1384 Elected
Nick Naylor Conservative 1372 Elected
David Harry Duncan Banks Liberal Democrats 885 Not elected
Carol Lesley Linton Liberal Democrats 819 Not elected
Davina Joy Kirby Liberal Democrats 554 Not elected
Alexa Anne Collins Labour Party 386 Not elected
Andrew Miles Ford Labour Party 292 Not elected
Delphine Gray-Fisk Reform UK 99 Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 3
Total votes 7212
Electorate 7318
Number of ballot papers issued 2623
Number of ballot papers rejected 6
Turnout 36%
Rejected ballot papers
Total rejected6