Election results for Winslow

Winslow - results
Election Candidate Party Votes Outcome
John Robert Chilver Conservative 1645 Elected
David Philip Goss Conservative 1595 Elected
Beville Douglas Stanier Conservative 1311 Elected
Llew Monger Liberal Democrats 1309 Not elected
Trish Cawte Liberal Democrats 1143 Not elected
Roger Slevin Liberal Democrats 898 Not elected
Mary Hunt Green Party 654 Not elected
Timothy Richard Pain Labour Party 367 Not elected
Robert Stuart Lang Labour Party 287 Not elected
Dominic Kinnaird Heritage Party 97 Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 3
Total votes 9306
Electorate 7989
Number of ballot papers issued 3362
Number of ballot papers rejected 10
Turnout 42%
Rejected ballot papers
Total rejected10