Election results for Aylesbury North West

Aylesbury North West - results
Election Candidate Party Votes Outcome
Tuffail Hussain Liberal Democrats 1174 Elected
Anders Carl Christensen Liberal Democrats 1156 Elected
Gurinder Wadhwa Liberal Democrats 888 Elected
Graham Moore Conservative 708 Not elected
John Martin Watson Conservative 671 Not elected
Jimi Awosika Conservative 644 Not elected
Andy Blackaby-Iles Labour Party 478 Not elected
Andy Huxley Bucks Residents Association 452 Not elected
Michelle Pointer Labour Party 442 Not elected
Neil Stephen Axe Bucks Residents Association 376 Not elected
Charles Todd Labour Party 349 Not elected
Gerry Bright Bucks Residents Association 348 Not elected
James Harry Karl Meyer-Bejol Green Party 225 Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 3
Total votes 7911
Electorate 9396
Number of ballot papers issued 2933
Number of ballot papers rejected 7
Turnout 31%
Rejected ballot papers
Total rejected7