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Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust* (*These are nominations pending the appointment by VAHT)


We are a ‘not-for-profit’ Registered Social Landlord (RSL) providing affordable housing for over 21,000 people in Aylesbury Vale, South Oxfordshire, Dacorum Borough and South Northamptonshire.  We're a leading local social housing provider, responsible for more than 7,500 homes, 16 Independent Living schemes, 150 shared ownership properties and over 1,500 garages. We also own a number of commercial units in Aylesbury Vale.   We operate in over 350 square miles of Aylesbury Vale, with an annual turnover of £45 million and over 270 employees; we make a significant social and economic contribution to our communities and neighbourhoods.

We are not part of any District or County Council; we operate as an independent social housing provider but do work closely with local authority partners.


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Phone: 01296 732600

Website: https://www.vaht.co.uk/

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