Attendance summary

Explanation of the statistics columns

The number of meetings that the councillor was expected to attend in their capacity as member of that committee.
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in their capacity as member of that committee.
In attendance
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in a capacity other than committee member, for example a voluntary attendance out of personal interest for a topic being discussed.
Councillor Expected Present In attendance
Councillor Shade Adoh1070
Councillor Arman Alam13110
Councillor Marcus Angell540
Councillor David Anthony16130
Councillor Kirsten Ashman1080
Councillor Mohammed Ayub14110
Councillor Ralph Bagge16130
Councillor Mary Baldwin860
Councillor Dominic Barnes870
Councillor Steven Barrett960
Councillor Paul Bass960
Councillor Karen Bates1190
Councillor Andrea Baughan15110
Councillor Joseph Baum1090
Councillor Patricia Birchley1190
Councillor Diana Blamires970
Councillor Ashley Bond11100
Councillor Steve Bowles13112
Councillor Michael Bracken14110
Councillor Cameron Branston420
Councillor Peter Brazier980
Councillor Steve Broadbent15140
Councillor Thomas Broom15120
Councillor Nic Brown1080
Councillor Timothy Butcher1191
Councillor Mick Caffrey980
Councillor Robert Carington14110
Councillor David Carroll1090
Councillor Bill Chapple OBE16140
Councillor Sue Chapple770
Councillor Qaser Chaudhry640
Councillor Santokh Chhokar14100
Councillor John Chilver15151
Councillor Anders Christensen1380
Councillor Lesley Clarke OBE16100
Councillor Alex Collingwood1270
Councillor Michael Collins1090
Councillor Peter Cooper15130
Councillor Caroline Cornell10100
Councillor Anita Cranmer17121
Councillor Emily Culverhouse860
Councillor Isobel Darby11100
Councillor Dev Dhillon550
Councillor Tim Dixon11100
Councillor Mark Dormer13120
Councillor Penny Drayton870
Councillor Trevor Egleton14100
Councillor Carl Etholen1140
Councillor Mohammad Fayyaz1290
Councillor Patrick Fealey990
Councillor Mark Flys980
Councillor Ron Gaffney740
Councillor Richard Gaster1350
Councillor Ed Gemmell11110
Councillor Phil Gomm11100
Councillor David Goss11100
Councillor Tony Green21150
Councillor Paul Griffin1690
Councillor Steve Guy1090
Councillor Gary Hall980
Councillor Mimi Harker OBE650
Councillor Graham Harris1090
Councillor Clive Harriss982
Councillor Darren Hayday1070
Councillor Orsolya Hayday1080
Councillor Carol Heap870
Councillor Thomas Hogg950
Councillor Guy Hollis1290
Councillor Tom Hunter-Watts750
Councillor Arif Hussain981
Councillor Imran Hussain13120
Councillor Mahboob Hussain JP1270
Councillor Majid Hussain12120
Councillor Maz Hussain770
Councillor Niknam Hussain1040
Councillor Tuffail Hussain530
Councillor Paul Irwin530
Councillor Carl Jackson970
Councillor Sarah James960
Councillor David Johncock1290
Councillor Caroline Jones1380
Councillor Jilly Jordan870
Councillor Sophie Kayani750
Councillor Paul Kelly540
Councillor Raj Khan720
Councillor David King770
Councillor Matt Knight880
Councillor Steven Lambert1590
Councillor Jane MacBean13130
Councillor Angela Macpherson17130
Councillor Iain Macpherson980
Councillor Frank Mahon880
Councillor Neil Marshall1080
Councillor Peter Martin650
Councillor Rachael Matthews14120
Councillor Wendy Matthews11110
Councillor Zahir Mohammed660
Councillor Howard Mordue11100
Councillor Susan Morgan1080
Councillor Nick Naylor12111
Councillor Richard Newcombe14110
Councillor Jackson Ng1060
Councillor Catherine Oliver12100
Councillor Adekunle Osibogun970
Councillor Adam Poland-Goodyer860
Councillor Chris Poll10100
Councillor Sarfaraz Khan Raja13120
Councillor Waheed Raja830
Councillor Nabeela Rana1281
Councillor Michael Rand760
Councillor Simon Rouse1070
Councillor Jonathan Rush1590
Councillor George Sandy1290
Councillor Gregory Smith880
Councillor Linda Smith BEM980
Councillor Melanie Smith13120
Councillor Nick Southworth860
Councillor Sir Beville Stanier Bt14130
Councillor Mike Stannard740
Councillor Peter Strachan14130
Councillor Robin Stuchbury18180
Councillor Luisa Sullivan980
Councillor Denise Summers950
Councillor Martin Tett14120
Councillor Nathan Thomas14110
Councillor David Thompson1070
Councillor Derek Town13110
Councillor Jocelyn Towns530
Councillor Alan Turner12110
Councillor Mark Turner10100
Councillor Paul Turner20160
Councillor Gurinder Wadhwa860
Councillor Ashley Waite11110
Councillor Heather Wallace750
Councillor Liz Walsh1190
Councillor Matthew Walsh17160
Councillor Julie Ward760
Councillor Julia Wassell11110
Councillor Jonathan Waters14120
Councillor David Watson12110
Councillor Alison Wheelhouse16160
Councillor Warren Whyte1090
Councillor Gareth Williams15140
Councillor Stuart Wilson17150
Councillor Mark Winn550
Councillor Andrew Wood17150
Councillor Katrina Wood17110