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Meeting: 28/07/2020 - Cabinet (Item 7)

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The Recovery Framework provides a structured approach to ensure that all partners have a collective understanding of Covid recovery priorities and that activities are coordinated across Buckinghamshire for maximum impact.

RESOLVED:  Cabinet endorsed the recovery framework for Buckinghamshire attached at Appendix 1.



The Leader introduced the Buckinghamshire Recovery Framework which provided clear co-ordination and governance arrangements for recovery planning across Buckinghamshire.  The economy had contracted nationally, and in Buckinghamshire, and would have implications socially, on the mental and physical health and wellbeing of residents and on the overall economy.  Key strategic partners had signed up to the Recovery Framework which would was structured around four thematic partnerships:


  • The Health and Wellbeing Board – leading on population health
  • The Local Enterprise Partnership Board – leading on economic recovery
  • The Buckinghamshire Growth Board – leading on public realm, environment and infrastructure recovery
  • The Voluntary and Community Sector Board– leading on community resilience.


The new community boards, which consisted of members from the unitary council, as well as members from town and parish councils and local stakeholders, would also have an important role in leading the recovery process at a local level.


Sarah Ashmead, Deputy Chief Executive, added that the Buckinghamshire Coronavirus Health and Wellbeing Survey was available on the Buckinghamshire Council website until 5 August 2020 and residents’ responses would contribute to the plan.  The Community Boards were studying local Health and Wellbeing profiles to inform their local priorities.


Rachael Shimmin, Chief Executive, Buckinghamshire Council, stated that this approach to recovery would allow the Council to align the work of building the new Council and recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. Wherever possible, the Council would use this learning from the pandemic about how it could interact differently with members of the public and further improve our services in the context of unitarisation.


The following points were raised and discussed by Cabinet:


  • A member of the Cabinet agreed the Community Boards had an important part to play.  Praise was also given to the Public Health team on the quality of the Community Board Profile reports and also for their role in the response to the public throughout the pandemic.
  • Free parking had been provided to help the high street shops recover but this would end on 31 July 2020.  The Leader emphasised the need for residents to make use of local shops to support the local economic revival.


RESOLVED:  Cabinet ENDORSED the recovery framework for Buckinghamshire attached at Appendix 1.