Agenda and minutes

Venue: Via Microsoft Teams

Contact: Tom Fowler 

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There were no apologies for absence.


Welcomes and Introductions


The chairman welcomed the members and guests to the first Beeches Community Board meeting.


Members introduced themselves and Jack Pearce introduced himself as the Community Board Co-ordinator.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


Community Board Overview


The Community Board Co-ordinator gave an overview of the Community Board and its functions.

·         The Board would aim to collaborate with local stakeholders and engage with the community.

·         The core membership is composed of the Buckinghamshire Councillors for the Beeches area, and standing invitations to meetings would be made to Parish Council representatives and other partner organisations; however, the Board is open to anyone who wishes to contribute.

·         Beeches Community Board had been allocated £86,000 from the Community Area Priority fund and £27,500 from the Health and wellbeing fund. It had received £0 from the Local infrastructure fund. It was noted that only 50% of the allocated Community Area Priority Fund could be used for Highways matters

·         An aim to build upon the connections formed in the Local Community during the Covid-19 crisis.



Reflections on Covid-19


The Consultant in Public Health gave an overview of the Public health situation within the Beeches Community area.

  • Statistics about the Community Area were noted by the Members of the Board.
  • Obesity, mental health issues and rates of degenerative diseases were higher than the average for the County.
  • Loneliness for those aged 65 and above was an issue within the area.


Reflecting upon Covid-19, the Board observed the following.

  • There was a notable loss of confidence and mobility during the lockdown which would not be easy to re-acquire.
  • Some individuals/families were more isolated due to low profile and not naturally joining.
  • A multi-faceted approach would be required to restore confidence and engagement.



Local Priority Setting


The Community Board considered what the priorities for the Community Board moving forward should be. The following issues were discussed and suggested as possible priorities.

  • Highways & Infrastructure issues, including speeding, road disrepair, footpaths, vegetation overgrowth and noise.
  • Health and social care, including obesity, mental health provision, social care for the elderly and youth provision.
  • Environmental concerns linked to mental health
  • Community re-engagement following COVID-19
  • Establishment of sub-groups (suggested groups to include Infrastructure and Health & Social Care)



  • Jack to liaise with chairman and members to establish sub-groups and agree membership
  • Jack to formulate action plan with priorities and circulate prior to September meeting