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  • Covid-19 recovery, resilience and regeneration
  • Local infrastructure and transport
  • Community cohesion
  • Mental health and community
  • Environment and climate change


Updates were provided for each of the sub groups and its activities since the last Board meeting.


Covid Recovery


Much work had been ongoing including a joint project with High Wycombe Bidco.

There had been a leaflet distribution programme, a walk around the town centre to encourage investment within the High street. The sub group was working hard to bring together the groups that were most well placed to provide strategic help and coordination during the lockdown period. The Chief Executive of Bidco also addressed Board members to explain about the parklet which Community Board Members had agreed to fund and recent activities with which it had been involved.


The Chairman of the sub group stated that applications for funding had been received but not yet considered.  


Infrastructure Transport


The Chairman of the sub group provided a brief summary of ongoing projects. In terms of highways, 5 new schemes had been approved. In terms of Herbert Road and Hawthorne Road a feasibility study was ongoing to design a solution to the problems.  Work was also ongoing in relation to the A40 including eastbound where there was much traffic congestion.


It was also reported that a High Wycombe Transport Strategy Consultation would begin on 6 November for a period of 5 weeks. The final strategy document was expected to be produced by February 2021.


Community Cohesion


Initial discussions had taken place to explore delivering talks about Black History and unconscious bias with the aim of following on from Black History month in October.

Consideration had been given to providing a reward with a prize to residents with the tidiest gardens, with a view to rolling out the scheme throughout High Wycombe based on the scheme ‘Making Bowerdean Beautiful’.


Presentation from the police for the near future was planned regarding anti- social behaviour.


Preparations for sessions on teaching of English as a second language were underway. Councillor Baughan stated that she was interested in empowering women from an Eastern European or Asian background where English was their second language through informal sessions. It was confirmed that the Hive had donated a space for the learning to take place.  


Mental Health & Community


4 bids had been submitted from small charities and were ready to be heard.


Suicide prevention awareness- one more meeting was scheduled to take place with the Chiltern Samaritans and the police after which a bid could be submitted


The Black Mental Health Matters support group bid was also ready to submit partners included Wycombe Multicultural Organisation, SV2G, Connect2Serve and Hope Church


Youth Homelessness bid for an information guide for young people at risk of homelessness was to be presented by the charity in the very near future.


Hairoun Day Centre was submitting a bid for an administrative post dealing with research and submission of funding bids.


The gap in the town and in the west of Wycombe was reiterated in terms of respite for the carers of older people with dementia. It was proposed that the relevant Cabinet Member and appropriate officers be invited to a meeting of the sub-group to hear of the seriousness of the issue.




The Chairman informed Members that a meeting of the Sub Group had been held during October incorporating a whole host of partners. Issues discussed had included fly tipping, tree planting, and recycling of bins outside shops.


John Shaw from Chiltern Rangers was in attendance to present a proposal to Members. This was concerned with community conservation work and managing the environment. He confirmed that this project was in line with the 4 objectives of the new authority. More specifically the project activities would include the planting of approximately 500 trees of a suitable character. Putting up bird boxes for swifts and sparrows, and conducting sessions with special schools in the area to help them to gain conservation work experience.


A total of £18,000 was being sought.


RESOLVED: That the report be noted.