Issue - decisions

13/10/2020 - Planning White Paper Response

Cabinet received a report which set out an intended response from the Council to the Government’s recent consultation paper entitled ‘Planning for the Future’. Cabinet asked that the following comments be taken into account in the draft response:-


·         The quality of architecture was a key requirement.

·         Consideration needed to be given to reforming the Planning Inspectorate to avoid delays.

·         Infrastructure funding was not front-loaded and infrastructure should be provided before expansion.

·         Further consideration should be given to health needs with future developments.

·         Simplification of local plans were a concern and it was important that local communities were not disenfranchised.

·         Concern was raised about architects being used as experts and their view of a good design may not be shared by others.

·         Reference was made to thresholds so that the 10 threshold was reduced not increased to 40-50 for affordable housing. This would be an issue for rural areas.

·         There was a problem with developers land banking – if planning permission was granted then developers should be given a time frame to build houses. If no building was carried out further applications could be made on green belt land.

·         Concerns were raised about housing targets which would be non-negotiable. The Council could be given a high target which they could not meet because of issues outside of its control e.g. developers not building houses.




Cabinet AGREED the draft response to the Government consultation as set out in Appendix A of the report, with delegated responsibility for submission of the final response, incorporating the further changes above made at the Cabinet meeting, to the Corporate Director Planning Growth and Sustainability in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Planning and Enforcement.