Election results for Totteridge & Bowerdean

Totteridge & Bowerdean - results
Election Candidate Party Votes Outcome
Julia Denise Wassell Wycombe Independent 1255 Elected
Imran Hussain Wycombe Independent 1129 Elected
Steve Guy Wycombe Independent 1009 Elected
Anwar Rashid Liberal Democrats 957 Not elected
Chaudhry Ansar Mahmood Liberal Democrats 915 Not elected
Ben James Holkham Liberal Democrats 901 Not elected
Rafiq Mohammed Raja Labour Party 714 Not elected
Ian Stephen Bates Labour Party 593 Not elected
Philippa Eryl Young Labour Party 541 Not elected
Matthew Owen Plested Conservative 490 Not elected
Alexander Stephen Cobb Conservative 426 Not elected
Hasan Ali Arif Conservative 404 Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 3
Total votes 9334
Electorate 8311
Number of ballot papers issued 3327
Number of ballot papers rejected 108
Turnout 40%
Rejected ballot papers
Total rejected108