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Southcourt and Walton Court Community Project


The Southcourt and Walton Court Project is a voluntary organisation committed to working in partnership with local agencies and community organizations to provide the best play services for children in the Aylesbury estates of Southcourt, Walton Court and Mandeville. These children are at risk of social exclusion because these estates are areas of economic and social deprivation. The Project‘s objective is to improve the condition of life for these children by providing opportunities for them to play constructively in a positive and safe environment and thereby promote their physical, mental and psychological health and well-being. These activities are designed to be enjoyable, give children a sense of achievement, and allow them to contribute. 


The Project is a registered charity. It is governed by a Council of Management consisting of 5 volunteer trustees who meet regularly to review the activities and finances of the Project. The financial objectives of the Project are to achieve sustainability by securing long term grants. The Project operates in an area of economic and social deprivation so it would not be feasible to charge users the market rate for the service.

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Phone: 07555189597

Website: http://southcourtwaltoncourtproject.btck.co.uk/

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