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The chairman announced that application CM/0018/20 Bletchley Landfill Site, Guernsey Road, Newton Leys, Milton Keynes, had been withdrawn from the agenda and would be considered at a future meeting of the committee.


Councillor R Newcombe declared a non-prejudicial personal interest in application 18/02495/APP as he is a patient at one of the surgeries that makes up the Westongrove Partnership. Councillor Newcombe emphasised that he was not pre-judged in any way and therefore would participate in the consideration and determination of the application.


Councillor C Paternoster declared a prejudicial personal interest in application CM/0022/20 as a member of Buckland Parish Council who had previously objected to this application. Councillor Paternoster left the meeting room for the duration of consideration of this item.


Councillor Paternoster also declared a non-prejudicial  interest in application 18/02495/APP as a patient at one of the surgeries that makes up the Westongrove Partnership. Councillor Paternoster also confirmed that she was not pre-judged in anyway and would, therefore, participate in the consideration and determination of the application.


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To agree the minutes of the strategic sites committee meeting held on 3 September 2020.

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The minutes of the strategic sites committee meeting 3 September were agreed as correct record.


CM/0022/20 Olleco, Samian Way, Aston Clinton pdf icon PDF 923 KB

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Proposal: section 73 planning application relating to Condition 9 pursuant to planning application CM/78/14 at Anaerobic Digestion Plant, Samian Way, Aston Clinton operated by Olleco.


There was no public speaking on the application as the application was deferred from the previous meeting of the strategic sites committee.


It was proposed by Councillor A Turner, seconded by Councillor S Broadbent and resolved:


to approve the application as per the officer’s report subject to an additional condition that, following its approval, the Odour Management Strategy be reviewed every 5 years and any such review shall ensure that the strategy is reflective of operations at the site and any updates in odour technology/ best practice. The review to be conducted by Olleco and of which the results are provided to the local planning authority.


Councillors L Monger and R Newcombe abstained from participating in voting on the application as they had not participated in consideration of the application at the committee meeting 3 September.


18/02495/APP Land to the south of Aston Clinton Road, Weston Turville pdf icon PDF 656 KB

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Note 1: Councillor C Paternoster re-joined the meeting at 14.50.

Note 2: Councillor G Sandy left the meeting at 16.00.


Councillor R Newcombe queried the allocation of this application for consideration by the strategic sites committee as opposed to the relevant area planning committee. It was noted that the scope of the strategic sites committee included dealing with wider strategic development, sites which have a significant impact beyond the specific local area and sites fundamental to the implementation of an adopted or emerging local plan.


Proposal: erection of 121 dwellings with access and associated infrastructure.


The case officer provided an update to the report since its publication. It was noted that the applicant had submitted an EIA screening opinion. It was the council’s opinion that the proposed development was not “EIA Development” within the meaning of the 2017 regulations. A consultation response received from Environmental Health confirmed that with regard to the new housing, air quality would not be a significant issue. Further, late representations had been made asking that the application be postponed from consideration at the committee meeting as there should have been more notice to enable residents to consider the highway impact on neighbouring properties.


Speaking as local unitary ward member, Councillor Julie Ward.


Speaking as representative of Weston Turville Parish Council, Martin Jarvis.

Speaking as objectors, John Oliver and Amanda Buchanan.

Speaking as the agent, James Yeoman.

It was proposed by Councillor L Monger, seconded by Councillor R Newcombe and resolved:

that permission be deferred and delegated to officers subject to the satisfactory completion of a S106 agreement to secure financial contributions towards primary and secondary education provision, off site sport and leisure provision, provision on site of open space and LEAP, commuted sum for maintenance of on-site sport and leisure provision, affordable Housing (30%) provision on site, sustainable transport improvements and travel plan.